TwinOxide® is a unique, advanced delivery system of two powder components that generates a 0.3%(3,000ppm) pure chlorine dioxide solution that is applied as a (drinking) water disinfectant.
TwinOxide® 0.3% solution is not explosive and not corrosive, thus ensuring the most optimized delivery system for chlorine dioxide molecules to provide their oxidation and disinfection capacities in water with simple, standard dosing equipment. The long kinetic halftime of 30 days of TwinOxide® 0.3% solution ensures bacteriological control. The powder kit has a guaranteed shelf life of five years.
TwinOxide® is delivered as a transportable, non-explosive powder kit of two components that, once added to a specific volume of water, reacts into an almost pure chlorine dioxide solution with a concentration of 0.3%.
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